Editor, Filmmaker, Storyteller 

Zhongyang,  Jongyoung,  Jonyon,  John.

If you read at loud four times,

That's my name.

I am from Hunan, China, the hometown of Chairman Mao and General Tso.

I’ve always had a strong interest in filmmaking. As an undergraduate student, I studied journalism at the University of Missouri, during which I helped film a documentary on mental health issues among international students that was broadcasted on the China Global Television Network. For my undergraduate thesis project, I produced a marketing campaign for Ocean Spray, that placed 3rd in the National Student Advertising Competition and inspired the launch of Ocean Spray’s Pink Cranberry Juice. Whether it be journalism or advertising or documentary film, storytelling is the foundation of audience engagement. And during my time at Dodge in the graduate editing program, I have learned that no detail is insignificant; that every frame matters.

Welcome to my site. 

Zhongyang Lyu