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Project List


Editor | Taquito Patrol

  • After being captured by a self-proclaimed border guard, a Mexican boy tries to cook his way to freedom.

    • Official Selection | Catalina Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Fayetteville Film Fest 2022

    • Official Selection | Boden International Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Stockholm City Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Rogers Short Film Festival 2023

Editor | The Double Life of My Billionaire Husband

  • Sebastian Klein, a renowned Klein family member, was rumored to be a loser after a prison stint. Natalie Quinn, unaware of the truth, married him, leading to a covert billionaire marriage.

    • Released on ReelShort, it has garnered an impressive over 250 million views.​


Editor | The Last Coyote

  • A young widowed bounty hunter finally catches the old outlaw who murdered her husband all those years ago and now has to decide between justice and vengeance.

    • 3rd places in Classical Western Short | Golden Dust Film Festival

    • Official Selection | 7th Siding Festival of Film

    • Official Selection | The Paus Premieres Festival

    • Official Selection | Los Angeles Asian Film Awards

    • Official Selection | The Western Film Festival

    • Official Selection | Tucumcari Film Festival

    • Official Selection | Wild West Film Festival


Editor | Top Dogs

  • After widow Jessica moves onto their small town street old wounds open up between neighbors Edwin and Steve. The two retired men start settling a decade-repressed feud once and for all.

    • Official Selection | Great Lakes International Film Festival 2023

    • Official Selection | Palm Beach International Film Festival 2023

Editor | Healing Grace

  • An influential woman who runs a domestic violence shelter must work to keep her secrets when a new client challenges her.

    • Official Selection | Imagine This Women’s Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Lift-off Global Network Los Angeles 2022


Editor | The Plow that Broke the Plains

  • A young orphan boy wanders through a half-abandoned dust bowl town in search of his parents.

    • Official Selection | Sioux City International Film Festival 2022


Editor | Cash Only

  • Smuggled into the United States, Jack works at a Chinese restaurant trying to pay off his debts. When he is desperate for money, the restaurant comes to closure due to the Pandemic. 

    • Official Selection | LA Shorts International Film Festival 2023

    • Official Selection | 18th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival 2023

    • Official Selection | Sioux City International Film Festival 2023

    • Official Selection | Calabasas Film Festival 2023

    • Official Selection | DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2023

    • Honorable Mention | Hollywood Gold Awards 2023

Editor | Neighbors

  • Two neighbors started to adapt to the new lifestyles and discover new relationship chemistry rather than neighborhood during the pandemic period.

    • Best Quarantine Film | 1st Monthly film festival (season 2)

    • Official Selection | ARFF Barcelona International Awards 2023


Editor | Hannah

  • This short film tells the story of a couple who dislike doing household chores. They purchase a robot to assist them with these tasks, but due to the robot’s self-learning capabilities, it eventually develops the desire to replace the female protagonist.

    • Official Selection | Independent Shorts Awards 2023


Director/Editor | Dance Hmongs

  • A documentary short about a Hmong Dance Troop defending their title at the Hmong International New Year's Festival in Fresno as the Hmong culture begins to fade without a homeland.

    • Official Selection | 25th San Francisco Independent Film Festival

    • Official Selection | Lift-off Global Network Los Angeles 2022


Producer/Director | 少年爱迪生 Junior Edison Season 7&8

  • "Junior Edisons" is an original program launched by Shanghai Media Group. For these young innovators, the exploration of science lies in understanding real societal needs. The concept of "Junior Edison Solutions to Global Issues" is the original intention behind all these "Junior Edison" inventions

    • Crafted story outlines, produced and directed four episodes in Detroit, Portland, Miami, Boston, and New York City.​

    • Published on SMGNews (Shanghai Media Group).

​​Editor | Hidden Histories: The Sikh Migration Path to Canada

  • The film showcases the historic milestones of the first South Asians who migrated from India to Canada in the early 1900s.​​

    • Official Selection | Sikhlens: Sikh Arts and Film Festival 2023


Cinematographer | International Students Face Unique Mental Health Stresses

  • ​At the University of Missouri, a Chinese international student recovering from her own depression experience is trying to raise awareness of the mental health issues of people like her.

    • Published on CGTN (China Global Television Network).


Editor | Airplane Mode

  • 2023 Finalist of the Coca-Cola Refreshing Films.

  • Winner of the Fan Favorite award

  • Screened at all the Cinemark theaters in 5,883 screens across the U.S.

  • Distributed through Landmark Cinema chains in Canada.


Director/Editor | A Street Interview Commercial For an Editing Software Filmora


Video Producer | National Student Advertising Competition

  • Crafted a campaign to make Ocean Spray relevant to a younger audience.

  • Placed 3rd in Nationals and inspired real-world works.


Editor | HYPE videos for SEC Gymnastic Championship


Trailer Editor | Blueberry Hall

  • Ian’s golden ticket to Harvard Law School is winning the Debate National Championship but when funding falls through, he and his friends deal with prescription drugs as they snowball into a world of crime.

  • Multi-award-winning independent feature.

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