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Project List


Editor | Taquito Patrol

  • After being captured by a self-proclaimed border guard, a Mexican boy tries to cook his way to freedom.

    • Official Selection | Catalina Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Fayetteville Film Fest 2022

    • Official Selection | Boden International Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Stockholm City Film Festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Rogers Short Film Festival 2023

Editor | The Last Coyote

  • A young widowed bounty hunter finally catches the old outlaw who murdered her husband all those years ago and now has to decide between justice and vengeance.

    • 3rd places in Classical Western Short | Golden Dust Film Festival

    • Official Selection | 7th Siding Festival of Film

    • Official Selection | The Paus Premieres Festival

    • Official Selection | Los Angeles Asian Film Awards

    • Official Selection | The Western Film Festival

    • Official Selection | Tucumcari Film Festival

    • Official Selection | Wild West Film Festival


Editor | Top Dogs

  • After widow Jessica moves onto their small town street old wounds open up between neighbors Edwin and Steve. The two retired men start settling a decade-repressed feud once and for all.

    • Official Selection | Palm Beach International Film Festival 2023

Editor | Healing Grace

  • An influential woman who runs a domestic violence shelter must work to keep her secrets when a new client challenges her.

    • Official Selection | Imagine This Women’s film festival 2022

    • Official Selection | Lift-off Global Network Los Angeles 2022


Editor | The Plow that Broke the Plains

  • A young orphan boy wanders through a half-abandoned dust bowl town in search of his parents.

    • Official Selection | Sioux City International Film Festival 2022


Editor | Cash Only

  • Smuggled into the United States, Jack works at a Chinese restaurant trying to pay off his debts. When he is desperate for money, the restaurant comes to closure due to the Pandemic. 

    • Official Selection | LA Shorts International Film Festival 2023

    • Official Selection | DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2023

    • Honorable Mention | Hollywood Gold Awards 2023

Editor | Neighbors

  • Two neighbors start to adapt to the new lifestyles and discover new relationship chemistry rather than neighborhood during the pandemic period.

    • Best Quarantine Film | 1st Monthly film festival (season 2)

    • Official Selection | ARFF Barcelona international awards 2023


Editor | Hannah

  • A self-learning robot downloads human emotion.


Director/Editor | Dance Hmongs

  • A documentary short about a Hmong Dance Troop defending their title at the Hmong International New Year's Festival in Fresno as the Hmong culture begins to fade without a homeland.

    • Official Selection | 25th San Francisco Independent Film Festival

    • Official Selection | Lift-off Global Network Los Angeles 2022


Producer/Director | Junior Edison

  • Teenage girl Michael used computing coding to help her practice gymnastics in her basement and won the grand prize at Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

    • As a part of the documentary TV series, Junior Edison broadcasted on Shanghai Media Group.


Editor | Hidden Histories: The Sikh Migration Path to Canada

  • The film showcases the historic milestones of the first South Asians who migrated from India to Canada in the early 1900s.​​

    • Official Selection | Sikhlens: Sikh Arts and Film Festival 2023


Cinematographer | International Students Face Unique Mental Health Stresses

  • ​At the University of Missouri, a Chinese international student recovering from her own depression experience is trying to raise awareness of the mental health issues of people like her.

    • Published on CGTN.


Editor | Airplane Mode

  • 2023 Finalist of the Coca-Cola Refreshing Films.

  • Winner of the Fan Favorite award

  • Distributed across all Landmark Cinema chains in Canada.


Director/Editor | A Street Interview Commercial For an Editing Software Filmora


Video Producer | National Student Advertising Competition

  • Crafted a campaign to make Ocean Spray relevant to a younger audience.

  • Placed 3rd in Nationals and inspired real-world works.


Editor | HYPE videos for SEC Gymnastic Championship


Trailer Editor | Blueberry Hall

  • Ian’s golden ticket to Harvard Law School is winning the Debate National Championship but when funding falls through, he and his friends deal with prescription drugs as they snowball into a world of crime.

  • Multi-award-winning independent feature.

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